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Fiance Visa

 With my long experience in  this area, I am able to  supply you with information  and a letter to send with  your application to the  Immigration Dept. There is no extra charge for this service.

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         et me tell you a little about myself and my life as a celebrant, and how my expertise can help you.

I love my work as a celebrant, and I believe this shows in the sincere, and careful manner in which I undertake in all my ceremonies, whether they be marriage, funeral, renewal of vows, such as anniversary celebrations, and when another celebration is requested in Australia by couples who marry overseas, for the benefit of relations and friends.

I have performed marriage services in almost every good location in Perth area, from natural bushland settings to beaches in the early morning and sunset, to all of the popular reception venues.

My local knowledge is excellent, and can suggest parks, civic gardens that you may not have thought about.

When I attend your wedding ceremony, I bring with me a professional amplifying system, So guests can hear clearly what is said. No power outlet needed.

When you phone/email me, it is my pleasure to discuss with you any information you may require regarding your wedding.  I have extensive resource knowledge of local products and personnel, willing to help.

My work, as an authorised civil marriage celebrant is to help you celebrate in the true meaning of the word with a carefully chosen ceremony, delivered in a sincere way, and reflecting what you both feel.

Celebrate your wedding day, celebrate having relatives and dear ones gathered to share your happiness, and above all, celebrate the love you have found in your life, and share this wonderful feeling in the way you desire on your special day.

You can phone me on 93751853 or email lyn@mattys.com  to make an appointment. I am available day or night every day except Sunday.

I am registered as a Religious Celebrant performing Civil Marriages, which means, in accordance with my beliefs, I only perform marriages between a man and a woman.