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Fiance Visa

 With my long experience in  this area, I am able to  supply you with information  and a letter to send with  your application to the  Immigration Dept. There is no extra charge for this service.

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Immigration letter


Many times I am asked to help with Immigration letters necessary

for prospective partners to come to Australia to get married.


The process is simple, and I am pleased to help.


This is what you do….


Pick a date when you would like your marriage to take place.  

This date is not set in concrete, but a date must be selected.


Make an appointment to see me.


Bring your overseas passport or birth certificate.  If it is a birth

certificate, it must be officially translated into English.


Have you been married before?  If so, final divorce papers must

be produced.  This means, the divorce papers must state that your

marriage has been permanently finalised by the court of the country.

This certificate must also be translated officially into English.

If you do not understand what is required and feel concerned, please telephone 08 93751853, or email lyn@mattys.com and talk to me.

When you see me, and we have spoken together about your plans, and any questions you may have are settled, and the Notice form has been completed for yourself, I can then type the letter that is needed for the Immigration Department.

There is no fee for this service, and the total marriage fee of $350 is taken care of anytime before the marriage ceremony takes place.

I welcome any inquiries, day or evening, and I am pleased to be of assistance.

You can phone me on 93751853 or email lyn@mattys.com  to make an appointment. I am available day or night every day except Sunday.