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Fiance Visa

 With my long experience in  this area, I am able to  supply you with information  and a letter to send with  your application to the  Immigration Dept. There is no extra charge for this service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

What kind of ceremony do you do?

How long does it last?

Do you come to the home (park, reception lodge etc)?

What do I do to book your services?

What do I need?

When do I have to pay you?

All of the above are questions that are frequently asked when making preparations for a marriage.  

Here are the answers that describe the way the whole process takes place, both on a legal and personal level.

The cost varies a great deal depending on the celebrant.  

My charge is $400 inclusive.  

This covers, two visits (more if needed) at my home to decide on your ceremony and to fill in the necessary legal forms. Conducting the ceremony and lodging the papers with the Registrar Generals Office.

There is no more to pay than this amount.

There is and additional cost if the marriage is performed outside the metropolitan area, and then the fee is negotiated.

The answer to the question about the ceremony is not easy. I perform a ceremony that regularly provides very good feedback to me from the couple, their family and friends.  Of course, not all ceremonies are the same, although the feedback is always good.  

You can choose from ceremonies I have written or write your own ceremony. If you wish, you may have a combination of both.

Children can be included.  This can be a personal and important means of uniting of a new family.  A suggestion is that the promises made between the husband and wife also include the children (who are named), e.g. respect, loyalty and concern for their well-being, and the guests are asked to include the children in the congratulations that follow.  Sometimes the children are given a ring also as a reminder of the importance of this day and the love the family share with each other.  There is no standard prepared paragraph for this because of its individuality.  Just ask about it, and together we work out what is to be said.

Items, such as music, readings or personal input from a relative or friend are welcomed.

A good point to remember is that the presentation of the ceremony is as important that what is written.  

The ceremony generally lasts about 15 minutes, including signing of the register.  This can be changed if desired, to a longer or shorter time.

Country weddings must be booked well in advance, and the cost is negotiated according to the distance travelled.

Here is the procedure for booking me:

Choose your date and time. (I am not available Sundays)

Contact me to arrange a visit to my home (day or evening)

The Notice of Intended Marriage can be signed between 1 calendar month and up to 18 months before the wedding date. Your wedding can be booked any time in that period. A wedding ceremony booked more than six months in advance needs to be confirmed 6 months before the wedding date.  

If certain conditions prevail that that would necessitate a marriage earlier than one month, the Registrar General’s Office must be contacted and the reason discussed with an officer who has the authority to shorten the time.  

Contact me first and complete a Notice of Intended Marriage to take with you.

A fee of $25 is paid to the Registrar’s office when the Notice of Intended Marriage is approved.

When you see me, you would need to bring with you ….

Birth certificates and photo ID or passport if Australian born (extract OK)

Passport if born overseas

If previously married:

Absolute Decrees (divorce finalisation papers)

Or death certificate of former spouse.

You may pay me anytime you like before the wedding.

Two visits to see me, at my home, are required.

The first one is to take care of the legal necessities, discuss the ceremony and the arrangements you would like to take place.

A week before the wedding date, I would need to see you again.  This time is to sign a Declaration, to confirm what has been previously arranged, and anything else that might come up.  Payment at this time is usual.


Although it is generally possible to perform the wedding on the day requested, the times of mid afternoon onwards until evening are always booked first.  For this reason, an early booking is wise.  Also, some months are heavily booked out because of their popularity.

Because I have been a celebrant for many years, I have a good knowledge of  suitable outdoor locations for a wedding and would be happy to discuss these with you  if you are a bit uncertain.

This information pertains only to myself.  All celebrants are different, with different ceremonies and different methods of operating, but all of us are pretty good at what we do!

Congratulations, I hope your wedding day is everything you want it to be.

I welcome your enquiry, and hope I can be of service to you.

Lynette Mattys

101 Crimea Street

MORLEY  WA  6062

Phone 9375 1853  Fax same number as phone

Email lyn@mattys.com